Riga return to winning ways at Cedevita Lipik 3×3 Challenger

LIPIK (3×3 Challengers) – It took them over 2 months but Riga (LAT) finally won their 2nd Challenger of the season after edging out (21-18) Humpolec Bernard (CZE) in the final of the Cedevita Lipik 3×3 Challenger in Croatia on June 22-23, 2018.

After dropping their opener against local favorites Split Statist (CRO), it looked like the bad streak was about to continue for the young Latvian team. After winning the Nanjing Challenger in April, Riga missed 3 straight opportunities to qualify for the World Tour in Moscow, The Hague and Hang Zhou.

Moscow must have been on their mind during the final in Lipik. Riga were in control, up 20-17 in the semi-finals when Ondrej Siska hit back-to-back 2-pointers to win the game for Humpolec Bernard in the Russian capital.

But this time around, Riga did not let the Czech star get hot and tournament MVP Karlis Lasmanis finished things off from close range in the title game.

Riga took home 10,000 USD, Humpolec 6,000 and both teams stamped their ticket to the World Tour Lausanne Masters.

Riga now have secured 3 Masters this season (including Saskatoon and Chengdu, based on ranking ). For Humpolec, the number is already 4 (including Utsunomiya, Prague and Debrecen).

No team on the professional circuit has been more on fire than Humpolec in the last 2 months. They earned a ticket to the World Tour in each one of the Challengers they played this season. The Czechs finished 2nd in Wuxi, Moscow, Lipik and won in Limassol last week.

Five teams from the Top 10 and 5 more from the Top 20 competed in Croatia over the weekend.

The next Challengers will be held in Kaunas and Vieques on June 30 – July 1.

Final Standings:

  1. Riga (LAT)
  2. Humpolec Bernard (CZE)
  3. Belgrade (SRB)
  4. Split Statist (CRO)
  5. Nice (FRA)

Top Scorers:

  1. Karlis Lasmanis (Riga) 38 pts
  2. Ondrej Siska (Humpolec Bernard) 35 pts
  3. Ivan Popovic (Belgrade) 34 pts
  4. Roman Zachrla (Humpolec Bernard) 32 pts
  5. Ivan Rasetina (Split Statist) 30 pts

Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL


Lipik to host world’s best 3×3 players

Cedevita Lipik 3×3 Challenger will be held on June 22- 23.

The new, ever more exciting and attractive 3×3 season in which 3×3 basketball is to experience it’s full affirmation had started in GoYang, South Korea on April 14 2018.

Cedevita Lipik 3×3 Challenger will play an important role in the FIBA 3×3 Pro Season for the third consecutive year with it’s jubilee 20th edition of street basketball tounament to be organized in Lipik.

The number of 3×3 Challengers will increase from 14 last year to a minimum of 20 in 2018 and Lipik will once again join the company of major world metropolises including Moscow, Sydney, Bucharest, Shanghai, Penang, Berlin, Edmonton, Kaunas, Ulaanbaatar, The Hague… The number of 3×3 Masters will increase from 7 last year to 10 in 2018 to additionally popularize 3×3 as the world’s fastest growing urban sport.

World’s best 3×3 players will also have their eyes on the 20,000 USD in prize money and the two best teams at the Cedevita Lipik 3×3 Challenger get a chance to qualify for the Lausanne Masters.

There will be over 1,000,000 USD in prize money during this FIBA 3×3 professional season.

Sixteen teams will compete in Lipik. Qualifying matches start on Friday with 6 teams divided into 2 groups. Group winners get a chance to compete in the main part of the tournament (Friday and Saturday) comprised of a total of 12 teams.

Teams from the USA, Australia, Japan, Uruguay and Mexico interested in participating the event

Although it’s still too early to confirm the list of teams to participate at this year’s event (the exact list of teams should be known five weeks before the tournament, around mid-May), we can confirm that the interest for participating had been expressed by some of the world’s best teams incuding the two-time champion from Lipik, team Novi Sad Al Wahda.

Given that the FIBA 3×3 calendar for this year is not yet fully defined, it’s too early to confirm the hosts to Satellite events (tournaments qualifying the winning team to the Lipik Challenger).

Live TV coverage on Arena sport

Cooperation with Arena sport TV has already been confirmed bringing live coverage for the semi-finals and the final.
The entire event will be livestreamed on on Friday and Saturday.

Challengers (20)

April 14-15 GoYang, South Korea
April 21-22 Nanjing, China
May 5-6 Wuxi, Kina
May 5-6 Penang, Malaysia
May 12-13 Huai An, China
May 18-19 Moscow, Russia
May 19-20 Sydney, Australia
May 26-27 Chengdu, China
June 2-3 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
June 2-3 The Hague, The Netherlands
June 16-17 Hang Zhou, China
June 16-17 Limassol, Cyprus
June 22-23 Lipik, Croatia
June 30-July 1 Kaunas, Lithuania
July 14-15 Lignano, Italy
July 27-28 Ventspils, Latvia
August 11-12 Bucharest, Romania
August 17-18 Ljubljana, Slovenia
August 31-September 1 Berlin, Germany
September 22-23 Edmonton, Canada

Masters (10)

July 21-22 Saskatoon, Canada
July 28-29 Utsonomiya, Japan
August 4-5 Prague, Czech Republic
August 24-25 Lausanne, Switzerland
August 30-31 Debrecen, Hungary
September 8-9 Mexico City, Mexico
September 22-23 India
September 29-30 Chengdu, China
October 13-14 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
October 27-28 Beijing, China
Photo: Petar Glebov/Pixsell


Novi Sad Al Wahda make history after winning Lipik 3×3 Challenger

Two-time FIBA 3×3 World Tour winners Novi Sad Al Wahda (UAE) became the first team in 3×3 history to qualify to each one of the World Tour Masters after winning the loaded Cedevita Lipik 3×3 Challenger in Lipik, Croatia on June 30 and July 1 2017.

Despite missing two core players due to injury (Marko Savic and Marko Zdero), Novi Sad Al Wahda were a perfect 6-0 in Lipik.

With his team up 18-17 in the final against Liman (SRB), the number one 3×3 player in the world Dusan Domovic Bulut drove hard to the basket, drew the foul and got the acrobatic finish to fall. With Liman in the penalty, ‘Mr Bullutproof’ ice the game from the free throw line.

His team-mate Dejan Majstorovic was named MVP, just a week after being named MVP of the FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2017.

By reaching the final, both Novi Sad Al Wahda and Liman (whose star Stefan Stojacic was the top scorer in Lipik) qualified for the FIBA 3×3 World Tour Saskatoon Masters, the only one still missing for Bulut’s team.

After getting an automatic spot in 3 World Tour Masters (Debrecen, Mexico City and Prague) based on their #1 rank in the FIBA 3×3 Team Ranking at the end of last season, Novi Sad Al Wahda earned their ticket to the other 4 (Chengdu, Lausanne, Utsunomiya and now Saskatoon) by shining in challengers, these international tournaments which qualify 2 teams to the World Tour directly.

The Cedevita Lipik 3×3 Challenger was the only European-based qualifier to the Saskatoon Masters. As a result, 13 of the 15 top teams in the FIBA 3×3 Team Ranking traveled to Croatia for the event!

Photo: FOTOimago


Lipik Challenger highest ranked in 2016 season

International Basketball Federation (FIBA) confirmed Lipik as the highest ranked Challenger of the 2016 season at the Challenger organizers meeting held at the end of August in Lausanne.

Scoring criteria contained sum of players ranking points achieved by participating the world Challengers.

Sum of players ranking points in Challengers:

  1. Lipik 17,168,900
  2. Moscow 16,941,720
  3. Bucharest 14,889,020
  4. Abu Dhabi 11,868,030
  5. The Hague 11,310,740
  6. Sibiu 10,260,310
  7. Chengdu 9,259,030
  8. Lugano 9,220,715
  9. Berlin 8,906,290
  10. Penang 8,555,080
  11. Doha 8,118,880
  12. Shenzhen 3,771,030

Photo: Antun Ciglenečki