3×3 Challengers 2017 – recap by the numbers

127 teams from 46 countries participated in 14 3×3 Challengers.

The 2017 season will be remembered by the International Olympic Committee’s decision to include 3×3 basketball as part of the Olympic Basketball program and by the exceptional quality of the competition.
FIBA 3×3 and partners have organized 14 world-wide 3×3 Challengers and 7 World Tour Masters events. Croatia and Lipik can be proud of the fact that they were the organizers of the 3×3 Challenger and hosts to some of the world’s best 3×3 players for the second consecutive year.

Eight Challengers were organized in Europe (The Hague, Odense, Lipik, Sibiu, Bucharest, Moscow, Ljubljana and Berlin), 5 Challengers were organized in Asia (Nanjing, Penang, Huai An, Ulaanbaatar and Taipei) and 1 in South America (Sao Paulo).

127 teams from 46 countries and 6 continents participated in 14 world Challengers. Geographically, 71 European teams competed, followed by 34 teams from Asia (including Novi Sad Al Wahda), 13 teams from South America, 5 teams from North and Central America, 3 teams from Australia and Oceania and 1 from Africa.

Eleven teams represented China, followed by 10 Brazilian teams and 7 teams from Serbia, the Netherlands and Russia, 6 teams from Romania and 5 teams from Malaysia, Slovenia, Germany and Taiwan, 4 teams from Japan and 3 teams from Denmark and Poland. A group of countries with two representatives comprises Croatia, Spain, France, Australia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uruguay, Canada, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia and the USA.

European teams won all 14 titles and absolutely dominated the competition. The only non-European Challenger finalist was the Brazilian team Sao Paulo DC at the Sao Paulo Challenger. Along with the Brazilian tournament, the only Challenger that has not been fully dominated by European teams was the Nanjig Challenger with team Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) in 3rd, and Saskatoon (Canada) in 4th place.

Team Ljubljana has had record-high 11 Challenger appearances, followed by Novi Sad Al Wahda (7), Zemun and Amsterdam (6), Olimp Belgrade, Liman, Ulaanbaatar and Malaga (5). Croatian teams Split (4) and Zagreb (2) have recorded 6 appearances.

Novi Sad Al Wahda and Riga have won 3 Challenger titles each. Zemun and Liman celebrated twice, followed by Ljubljana, Olimp Belgrade, Piran and Vitez with 1 title. Riga has been the most efficient team with 3 Challenger titles from 3 appearances.

Regarding the Western Balkans region, Serbia dominated. Serbian teams (including Novi Sad Al Wahda which competed under the UAE flag) took 8 Challenger titles. Slovenian teams took the second place with 2 winning titles and Bosnia and Herzegovina was third with 1 title.

Serbia (Zemun, Novi Sad, Liman, Olimp Belgrade, New Belgrade, Detelinara, Raška, Veternik) had 8 representatives, Slovenia (Ljubljana, Kranj, Piran, Bernardin, Slovenske Konjice) 5, Croatia (Split, Zagreb) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vitez, Široki brijeg) had 2 representatives each and Montenegro (Bar) 1 representative.

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